New Horizons Society October to December 2016

PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE   I would like to take this opportunity to welcome all the new members, and returning members who came out to the on Thursday, September 29.  Over 100 members came out and everyone appreciated the delightful food that was shared by all.

The New Horizons' Board realizes that the short notice of the User Fees for the 2016-2017 year has caused confusion and consternation.   (see attached User Fee details in how it works, that was handed out at the Meet & Greet)

Please realize that the attendance sheets are just that – attendance – this is not meant as a record of payment of the fee.  We do not expect the instructors/leaders to collect the user fee.  Payment is on the honor system.  All we are asking is that the instructors/leaders put the book and tin out at the beginning of class and return to the cupboard after class.    We receive grant money to help run our sponsored programs, and when submitting our reports we need to be able to verify and justify how the funds were used and the number of participants for each sponsored programs.  Any further concerns or questions please contact Verna Kimmerly or Mary Craig.

MEMBERSHIP   Just a reminder that memberships’ run from Oct 1st to Sept 30th of the next year, so if you have not had a chance to renew, please drop your cheque into the Co-op Freepost box or mail to New Horizons at PO BOX 43, Hornby Island BC  V0R 1Z0.  Membership Fees are $25.00 per person.  Cheques to be made out to New Horizons.
          Contact – Jeanette Edmonds 335-3336.

LITERARY LUNCHES   Lunches start on Thursday OCTOBER 13TH,  We are always looking for people to make soup and desserts.  Because we are a volunteer organization, we depend on YOU to help by making soup or dessert and/or by signing up to help prepare the lunches.
Literary Lunch, needs soups and desserts for October and November
           Contact -  Bev Lownie  - 335-0017 or email

GOLDEN LUNCH   Golden lunches for seniors are offered bi-weekly started October 10th,
           Contact - Gale Hanson 335-0355.

PROGRAMMES   New Horizons offers programmes and events.  Some programmes run for 10 weeks and include a paid instructor.  For off island trips (such as swimming, bowling, golf and theatre) we subsidize the cost of fuel and reimburse the cost for the car on the ferry (provided there are 3 or more New Horizon members in the vehicle) along with admission fee to the event.   Members have to pay for their own ferry fares.




Meditation, 8:30am Mette Wullum 335-2941 or Donna du Plessis 335-1152
Theatre Outings Occasional Sylvia Abduraham 335-1341
Photo Club, 3rd Sunday of the month @ 7pm Karen Young 335-2379


Golden Lunch, bi-weekly Starting October 10th Gale Hanson 335-0355
Swimming in Courtenay, Alternate Mondays Joyce Hookings 335-3085
Memoir Writing @ 2:30pm Wendy Burton 335-1598


Gentle Yoga weekly @ 9:30am Ambika 335-3097
Chair Yoga weekly @ 11:30am Ambika 335-3097
Bridge @ 1:30pm – 4:30pm Jean Christie 335-3011
Bowling in Courtenay, 1st Tuesday of the month Christa Weiss  335-0578


Holistic Fitness (strength) weekly @ 12:30 Rachel Goodman 335-0493
Integrated Pilates weekly @ 1:pm Rachel Goodman 335-0493
Book Club, 3pm last Wednesday of the month Oakley Rankin 335-1606
Film Nights, Alternate Weeks @ 7:30pm
Dates to be announced shortly 
Oakley Rankin 335-1606


Literary Lunch weekly @ 12 Noon Starts October 15, 2015
Scottish Dancing weekly @ 7:30pm June Cannon 335-2841
Knitting Club: 1st Thursday @ 1:30 Lynne Carmichael 335-1360
Garden Club: 2nd Thursday @ 1:30 Joanne Wyvill 335-1508


Hiking Group @ 10:am Diana King 335-3025

PHONE BOOK 2016  Just a reminder that the 2017 Hornby Island phone book is underway and if you have any changes/additions, please email" before November 15, 2016. We would like thank everyone for supporting the Hornby Island phone book, the proceeds helps sustain the programs that are offered at New Horizons.   

SUNSHINE SERVICE  Jean Christie (335-3011)  are our “sunshine” persons this year.  If you know of any member who is not well or celebrating a special date, please let her know.  


Your Board of Directors;
Mary Craig – President;  
Donna du Plessis – Vice President;
Carol Godwin – Secretary;
Verna Kimmerly – Treasurer,
Directors:  Judith Lawrence, Jean Christie, Bev Lownie, Holly Morgan,
Lynda Parrington, Carol Quin, Gale Hanson

We welcome input from our members. Please email your ideas and comments to


Why did the New Horizons Board implement user fees?

In the past, the Board has discussed whether to increase membership fees or come up with another way to generate revenue to meet the needs of the members.

Due to receiving gaming grants, New Horizons has been able to add new programs over the years.

Gaming Grants cover Golden Lunch expenses, instructors fees.  We have been fortunate enough to receive grants for 2016 and 2017 fiscal years.  This is all due to Mary's time and effort.  There were no grants in 2013, 2014, or 2015 fiscals, and there is no guarantee that we will receive one for next year. (We are currently in 2017 fiscal year for info purposes)

At the end of 2014 fiscal year we had a total of $18,619, in the bank, at the end of 2015 we were down to $16,751 and at the end of 2016 the total funds available were $14,625. (This does not include designated funds)

As each year passes our limited savings for emergencies are decreasing. Replacing our ailing dishwasher (commercial kitchen grade) would cost in excess of $6,000, and the facility requires a number of other repairs/work to be done.  We are also exploring rental rate increases to help cover costs. 

I realize that this was presented in a hasty manner at the Meet and Greet, but ask you to understand that we are all volunteers and are trying to do our best.

The user fee implementation is a pilot project for one year and will be re-assessed after New Horizons' year end (March 31st)

Please feel free to respond to with your comments or suggestions.

Thank you


Verna Kimmerly
Hornby Island New Horizons Society
November 24th, 2016